Interactive Oculus Rift at GameON

Thursday, 4 June 2015

AIT was an exhibitor at GameON Interactive, an event held during the first weekend of Vivid for the first time ever. Hosted over three  days at the Australian Technology Park (Friday 22nd May – Sunday 24th May 2015), Game ON was an interactive games and online video showcase celebrating innovation and creativity as part of Vivid Sydney 2015. We ran free workshops all weekend in Zbrush, Film Editing and Game development which gave attendees the chance to try a sampling of how we teach our creative courses. 10412023_898668620171153_6851242387120023472_n 11329759_898668660171149_7958529121717503976_n 11329759_898668660171149_7958529121717503976_n 11150358_898668716837810_6772018872817574052_n As an innovator in digital technology, AIT had the Oculus Rift mark 2 set up for everyone to try. This is cutting edge technology in Virtual Reality. Youtuber Jay Jay had a chat with Simon about what AIT does and tried out our Oculus Rift. Check it out! If you would like to learn how to develop games for the Oculus Rift, contact AIT and we can give you a breakdown of our courses and career options.