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Monday, 7 April 2014

What are careers in digital media like these days? How are these careers making an impact around the world? Digital media careers have actually taken off in the last twenty years, and we have seen evidence of that in nearly every media outlet. Does anyone remember the show ‘Beast Wars’? This was a program that showcases digital media before 3D modeling was even mainstream. There are now a vast number of commercials that utilize 3D modeling, and the field is only getting bigger as days go by. Opportunities for Careers in Digital Media What kind of opportunities are you looking at when it comes to digital media careers? We mentioned 3D modeling, of course, but the field is much more expansive than that. Digital media encompasses anything electronic, and anything that the consumer might find useful. The following are just a few examples of digital media: • Website Design • Blogging • Social Media • 3D Modeling • Sound Design Though this is a very small sampling of the the careers available in digital media, you can clearly see that it makes a serious impact in the world. Are There Employment Opportunities? There are plenty of digital media opportunities out there, and the field is only expanding. The problem however, is that companies are seeking a very specific type of individual. Such an individual needs to be highly trained and experienced in a number of different applications. For example a 3D modeler should be familiar with 3Ds Max as well as Blender and Maya. These skills may not be taught at the basic level, and they may in fact require you to seek out the knowledge on your own. From video editing to website design, companies want someone who is ready to go right out of the gate. They typically do not want to train, and they do not want to answer a lot of questions. You need to be prepared for a number of challenges, and for this, you will need the proper training. Career Training If you want to jump start your chances of careers in digital media you will need the proper training. The Academy of Information Technology(AIT) is a school that specializes in vocational education in Sydney Australia. From animation courses, to filmmaking, and even game design courses, they can set you on the right path, ensuring you get exactly what you need to progress in your chosen field.