3D Animation Careers – Become a 3D Animator

Monday, 7 April 2014

The 3D animation field offers endless opportunities for the right person. After all, all kinds of companies use this medium, from video game producers to major film studios. If you’re a creative person with a knack for technology, it might be time to check out possible careers in 3D animation and make your artistic talent work for you. Here’s a look at what you need to know.

What Is 3D Animation?

This type of animation relies on most of the same skills as more traditional 2D animation, but it adds a literal extra dimension. Unlike 2D animations, which start as flat drawings, 3D animations rely on a digital 3D mesh. This mesh gives the character or objects its basic shape. Animators apply textures, fur, hair and other effects on top of the mesh to produce an incredibly realistic effect. This kind of animation allows for special effects in films and on TV, creates immersive game environments, digital narratives and is expanding into new areas all the time.

3D Animation Careers Are Growing

At a time when opportunities in many fields have begun to shrink, the 3D animation field has experienced strong growth. In Australia and across the globe, animators are finding new career possibilities. Australian professionals can expect a “very strong growth” according to the recent government job outlook reports.

Available Careers in Animation

You might wonder just what kinds of jobs are available in this growing field. The answers are as varied as the people seeking careers in 3D animation. You could get a position as a software developer working on games or digital apps. You might be called upon to create 3D characters and environments for immersive digital narrative presentations or a large company’s web portal. There are other positions available in the Australian 3D animation market, too. With a background in this kind of creative work, you could supervise projects or work as an art director. You might become an agent or work with an advertising agency using your animation knowledge to help you find the best material for your clients. Whether you’re a full-time, in-house employee or a contract worker who sets his or her own hours, you’ll have plenty of opportunities as far as careers in animation are concerned.

What Makes a Great Animator?

Of course, not all animators are equal. Employers look for very specific skills and traits in candidates for 3D animation careers. To get the job, you’ll need to be detail-oriented and capable of working independently to a deadline. You’ll also have to be familiar with the major 3D animation programs, including Lightwave and Maya. Most animators will need to occasionally work long or irregular hours to get a project finished. You may need to be a great communicator with good people skills, too; many animators also need to help with promotion efforts or work directly with clients.

How to Get Started

The best way to get involved in 3D animation careers is to start with a solid educational background. Choose a school that offers a variety of different options and focuses on the latest technology and methods. Practice your art regularly to ensure that you’ll have a competitive edge when it’s time to hit the job market, and you’ll be ready to find the perfect career in 3D animation for you. Read more about Animation Courses at AIT.