A golden opportunity

This is an unmissable opportunity to be mentored in digital painting by internationally acclaimed concept artist for the film and entertainment industries - Gerhard Mozsi. You’ll be led through the process of realising a narrative moment, learning pro techniques from a master whilst replicating the workflows and processes used in a production art department to create your own interpretation of a unique script excerpt.


Get mentored by a Blockbuster film concept artist

Gerhard Mozsi

Gerhard is Slovak native who is currently based in Sydney Australia. A mixture of formal training and hours of obsessive drawing led him to Brisbane in 2005 work for THQ as a concept artist.

Now, many years later Gerhard’s focus has been on feature films and visual storytelling.

He has worked on a host of films including Alien Covenant, The Wolverine and Pacific Rim: Uprising in addition to a variety of Netflix specials including Outlaw King and Bright.

His experience includes a diverse approach to visual storytelling, both fast and loose concept illustration for film pre production to more detailed production illustrations and matte painting are required for the final product.

Adding to his varied career, Gerhard lectures, mentors and forever, ceaselessly continues to draw.


Designed for experienced digital artists

This masterclass is designed for experienced digital artists who want to learn pro-techniques to level-up their skills, as well as the workflows and processes that can be relied upon to create digital paintings in a day-to-day production art department.
Students must:

  • Have a strong knowledge of Photoshop; and
  • Good fundamental art skills.


This is a great opportunity to learn from Gerhard Mozsi, an Australian Concept Artist with an impressive Blockbuster Film Portfolio.


Present your work at an exclusive industry showcase event involving representatives from film, VFX, studios and agencies.


Receive a 60 minute one-on-one mentoring session with Gerhard Mozsi giving you a rare opportunity to gain personalised guidance from an industry guru.


Receive free membership valued at $150 to the not-for-profit organisation Australian Production and Design Guild.


From Script to Production-Ready Artwork

Gerhard's teaching will bring the context of a feature film art department to the classroom & will reveal his impressionistic style. Students will work through the creation of art for clearly defined narrative projects, incorporating art fundamentals & advanced techniques whilst learning industry best practice. Students will leave with a portfolio of artwork that's ready for production.

The topics you will cover include:

A showcase of work to offer inspiration and provide a visual overview of what will be covered over the coming 10 weeks.
Learn about the role, function and importance of digital painting in a production art department.
Solidify your fundamental art skills by building upon theory and learning how to apply advanced techniques to film & art.
Learn to flesh out and refine ideas through thumbnailing, helping to distil the creative direction and specific features such as curves, lines and perspectives.
Explore simple value structures, design and how to apply these principles to your work.
Explore & apply aspects of light and framing for film and entertainment to establish the right mood and increase visual appeal.
Understand how guru artists approach study techniques.
Learn how to break the elements of a script down in order to visualise and arrive at a powerful interpretation of a scene.
Maximise atmosphere & mood for your concept art by learning and applying advanced colour theory.
Up-to-the-minute industry best practice for securing visual references as well as working cohesively and efficiently within the production pipeline.
Good photographic references are the key to success digital matte painting. Learn the process and techniques to integrate these images with your work.
Learn pro techniques through live demonstration.
Learn pro techniques through live demonstration.
Learn pro techniques through live demonstration.

Master your art

Through a combination of theory, practice and live demonstration, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills that will help take your work to the next level, including:

  • The role and function of digital painting within a production art department.
  • The ability to break a script down to conceptualise and visualise scenes that contribute to an overall story.
  • How to work efficiently within a production pipeline - including up-to-the-minute industry best practice on process and workflows.
  • Advanced art theory and its application to film and entertainment art - including colour, light, value structures & composition - and techniques for establishing the right mood and atmosphere.
  • An approach that can be relied upon to create production-ready art - from research and study techniques to thumbnailing and detailing.
  • How to paint from life.
  • Professional techniques to take your work to the next level.

Learn in Sydney or Melbourne

Sydney Melbourne
Format 1 week intensive 1 week intensive
Dates Coming Soon Coming Soon
Day & Time Monday - Saturday (9am - 5pm, everyday for 6days) Monday - Saturday (9am - 5pm, everyday for 6days)
Location Level2,
7 Kelly Street
Ultimo NSW
Level 13
120 Spencer Street,
Melbourne VIC 3000
Price $1,750 $1,750

Student Work


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Entry Requirements

Students must be experienced with Adobe Photoshop and have a good creative ability.

Students must bring their own:

Wacom tablet
Notepad & pen


Financing Options

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  • Interest free.
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