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If you are thinking of studying in Australia, an education agent can give you advice about the courses delivered by AIT. They can also provide you with information to help you with your visa, accomodation, travel and help you complete an application to study in Australia.

Contact your local agent to book an information session or get full application support.

International Agents List

Agency Name Country Email Address Website
Go Study Australia All Region
Mozaik Play All Region
Step Up Profession Bangladesh; India; Nepal; Pakistan
WEP - Brussels Belgium; France; Italy
EduVision Happyness Bhutan
360 Degree Agency Brazil
CI Intercambio e Viagem Brazil
Connection Australia Brazil
Education Way Pty Brazil
First Gate - Student Services Brazil
Good Day Education Brazil
Hello Australia Pty Brazil
Right Now Study Brazil
Stay Global Brazil
STB Pacific Pty Limited Brazil
Tagarela Intercambios Pty Brazil
Trip Study Pty Brazil
Day One Intercambios Brazil
S7 Study Brazil
World Study Brazil
Spiible Pty Brazil; Colombia
West1 Brazil; Colombia
AC Australian Centre Brazil; Colombia
Connection Flow Brazil; Japan
Key4OZ Bulgaria; Indonesia; India; Mexico
We Move Experience Chile; Argentina; Canada
Smart Choice Education and Migration China
VisaVista Migration and Education Group China
ACIC Pty China
AOWEI International Education & Immigration Centre China
Ausda Migration & Education Pty China
Ausking Immigration China
AusTop Education Centre China
ACAE China
Century 21 Student Service Centre China
G&L Education & Migration China
HECT Pty China
Monkey King Student Services Center Pty China
Access Student Service Centre China
NeWay Consulting Studio Pty China
Study Central Pty China
IES Sydney Pty China
AOJI China
Yes Education Group China; Indonesia; Vietnam; Malaysia
Femeda Consultants (H GUO & Y LIN) China; Malaysia
Basya Pty. T/A RACC China; Malaysia; Taiwan; Vietnam; Indonesia; Philippines
Liu Cheng International Group Limited China; Thailand; Taiwan; Vietnam
S&W Consulting Group China; Vietnam
Blue Studies International Colombia
Educonnecting Pty Colombia
Escalar Services Colombia
My OzStudy Pty Colombia
Open 4 & Co Pty Colombia
Global Connection Colombia
Grasshopper International S.A Colombia
LAE Colombia
Grupo Viva y Aprenda Colombia
Gamba Migration Pty Colombia; Argentina; Chile
Edutravel International Pty Colombia; Brazil; Mexico
Austral Consultants Colombia; Mexico
EDEX Educational Excellence Pty Colombia; Spain; Ecuador
Linas Australia Pty Colombia; Vietnam; Indonesia; Poland; Italy; Czech Republic; Peru; Latvia; Estonia
Australia Online / SIS Consulting Czech Republic; Slovakia; Poland; Lithuania; Latvia; Estonia
Studee International Ltd Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Ireland{Republic}, United States
Study Connection Australia Pty France
Boomerang Australia Studies France; Australia
Catch-up Education France; Fiji; New Caledonia
CSE Australia Hungary
Elixir Educational Consultancy India
SAGA Studies India
Can-Able Immigration Consultants India
Embark Career Consultant PVT India
Impel Overseas Consultants Limited India
Jupiter Study Abroad Consultants Pvt India
KC Overseas Education Private Limited India
Miles Ahead Immigration India
Saviour Education Abroad India
UnTechEd Private Limited India
Storm Overseas India
Educonnect Australia (Onshore Only*) India; Nepal
ApplyBoard India; Nepal; Brazil; Canada
KEMS GLOBAL PTY India; Nepal; Pakistan
Aussie Education Migration and Financial Services India; Nepal; Sri Lanka; Bangladesh
Global Reach India; Nepal; Sri Lanka; Bangladesh; Bhutan
MA Education Consultants PTY (Onshore Only*) India; Pakistan
Career Education Consultancy Australia Pty (CECA) India; Pakistan; Nepal; Kenya; Philippines; Thailand; Mongolia; Vietnam
Hasan, Lilya Fauza T/A Lilya Hasan, The Counsellor Indonesia
ICAN Education Indonesia
AusEd - UniEd International Pty T/A AUG Indonesia; China; Malaysia; Singapore; Philippines
Fortrust Education Services Indonesia; Malaysia; China; Philippines
Seven Peaks Education and Migration Indonesia; Malaysia; Singapore
Masiratna Australia Pty T/A MSA Education Indonesia; Saudi Arabia
PSC Progress Study Consultancy Indonesia; Vietnam; Mongolia; Philippines; China
Superstar Education Indonesia; Vietnam; Thailand
Atlas Migration Pty Italy
Easy Oz Pty Italy
AIC Australian Information Centre Italy; Colombia; France
Just Australia Pty Italy; Spain
GCS Group Australia PTY Japan
ICN Japan Japan
Sea Education Pty Japan
Homestay & Education Australia Pty Japan
MyStage Japan; Korea South; Taiwan; China
Bada Global Pty Kenya; Korea South; Nepal; China
Choi, Hyunsik T/A AS Consulting Korea South
HG Global Pty T/A Eduin Sdyney Korea South
IBN Education Korea South
iWorld Global Pty Korea South
iae GlOBAL Korea South; China; Thailand; Indonesia; India; Nepal
Jun Study Care Korea South; Malaysia; Taiwan
KOKOS Sydney Pty Korea South; Philippines
Yes Consultant - Melbourne Korea South; Taiwan
Phoukhoun Education Centre Laos
Student World Pty Limited Lebanon; United Arab Emirates; Indonesia; Thailand
Bridgemarks Education Solutions Macedonia; Slovenia; Bulgaria; Greece; Germany; Albania; Bosnia Herzegovina; Croatia; Philippines
Get Qualified Now Malaysia
AECC Global Malaysia; Philippines; Indonesia; India; Greece; Nepal; Singapore; Thailand; China; Vietnam
Aussie-Asean Edu. & Immigration Services Malaysia; Thailand; Indonesia; India; Pakistan; Sri Lanka
AMS Bridge Blue Pty Mongolia; Japan; Philippines; Pakistan; Vietnam; Indonesia; Colombia; Italy; Korea South; Malaysia; Thailand; Myanmar, (Burma); India; Nepal; Sri Lanka; Bangladesh
Apollo International Pty Nepal; Bangladesh
AE GLOBAL Sydney Nepal
Kangaroo Education Foundation Nepal Nepal
KTM Consulting Pty Nepal
OEVS Nepal
Alfa Beta - Nepal Nepal
AUS Studies Consultant Nepal
Bradford Education Consultancy Nepal
eHub International Nepal
Global Education Counselling Center Nepal
Hub int'l education Nepal
UniCampus Education Network Nepal
Shatakshee Educational Nepal
Studylane International P. Nepal
Tara International Education Pvt Nepal
Vito Education Nepal
Global Consult Nepal; India; Philippines; Bangladesh
EEVS Global Nepal; Myanmar, (Burma); Sri Lanka; India; Bangladesh
Bluesky Immigration Nepal; Pakistan; India; Bangladesh; Sri Lanka
Globancy Pty Nepal; Philippines; Cambodia; Ecuador; Myanmar, (Burma); China
Nexco Consultants Pty Pakistan
Global Education Network Pakistan
Vicpak Consultancy Services Pakistan
Vision Consultants Pakistan; India; Sri Lanka; China
Study n Work Australia Peru
Infinity Migration Services Pty Philippines
AMES Group Philippines; Egypt; Jordan; Laos; Thailand
Bridge Agency Overseas Education Centre Pty Poland
Australia Study Pty Poland; Spain; Sweden
Integrity Migration Solutions Portugal; Brazil; United Kingdom
Studygate Australia Pty Slovakia
G8M8 Great Mate Pty Slovakia; Czech Republic
GrowPro Experience Spain
Study & Work Away Spain
Australian Way Education Pty Spain; Chile; Argentina; Colombia; Peru
Information Planet Pty Spain; Portugal; United Kingdom; United States; Brazil; Peru; Argentina; Chile; Belgium; Canada; Czech Republic; France; Mexico; Netherlands; Slovakia; Venezuela
SNS Education Consultants Sri Lanka
Blueberry College & Universitet AB Sweden
JRIS Education Taiwan; China
CP International Education & Migration Centre Thailand
INT Education Center Thailand
S&K International Education Pty Thailand
Stellar Education & Visa Centre Thailand
Aussieway Pty Thailand
Beyond Study Center Co. Thailand
C3 International Center Co. Thailand
OEC Global Education Thailand
Impress Education Centre Thailand; Laos
Masterpiece Education & Visa Centre Pty Thailand; Philippines
HUB-EDU Turkey
Edugate Gateway Pty United Arab Emirates; Philippines; Lebanon; Egypt; Israel
Study Anywhere United Kingdom; Philippines; Ireland {Republic}
APC - Australia Pathway Consulting Vietnam
IEMC Global Pty Vietnam
Rightway Education and Services Vietnam
MyAusVisa Pty Vietnam
TNS Education & Migration Vietnam
ATS Vietnam
BINCO - Bao Chung International Education Company Vietnam
Duc Anh Overseas Study - Hanoi Vietnam
UniLink Education Vietnam Vietnam
VISCO - Vietnam Intelectual Services Co. Vietnam
Aussizz Group Pty Vietnam; China; India
GSP - Global Study Partners Pty Vietnam; India; Nepal; Pakistan; Bangladesh; Sri Lanka
IDP Education Pty Vietnam; Thailand; Indonesia; China; Korea South; Malaysia; Singapore; India; Nepal; Sri Lanka; Bangladesh; Pakistan