Sydney Workshops

Coding 101

Tuesday 2 October

Ages 8+ Learn the fundamentals of Python programming and learn how to code an A.I robot. This day will cover programming fundamentals and is highly recommended for anyone starting on their coding journey or new to Python

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3D Character Design

Wednesday 3 October

Ages 12+ Learn all about 3D modelling including the different types of software, tips and tricks from a pro and create a 3D character that can then be used as your character in Unity on Thursday

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Game Design

Thursday 4 October

Ages 12+ Design, code and create a multilevel platform game. You will be taken through a real-life studio environment and collaborate with multiple people to create a bigger and better game

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VR Experience

Friday 5 October

Ages 12+ Want to immerse yourself in VR for a day? Come and learn how to design and build for the Virtual world and prepare yourself for what's to come in the gaming world - Limited spots left!

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