Melbourne Workshops

Become a Digital Artist

Monday, 2 July

Create a variety of 2D digital art using Illustrator: Get your creative hat on with a 2D digital art workshop! Students will design their own character and Pop Art Proof. Digital designs will be printed to take home.

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Create VFX in Film

Tuesday, 3 July

Create a Visual Effects Film: Lights! Camera! Action! Students will use the Green Screen room to direct and produce their very own short film and learn to create engaging Visual Effects to incorporate into their film clip that they can then show off to friends and family.

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Code your world

Wednesday, 4 July

Create your own interactive webpage or game using Javascript, HTML & CSS - the language of the web.

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Immersive Robotics

Thursday, 5 July

Create, construct, and code! Bring Alpha One, Cozmo and Sphero robots to life by using basic programming with Artificial Intelligence (AI), droids, and sensors.

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Youtube Superstar

Monday, 9 July

Create cool content for your YouTube channel - Direct and produce your very own short film in the Green Screen room and transform your video with all the cool features from Adobe Effects!

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3D Character Creation - Humans or Monsters?

Tuesday, 10 July

3D Digital Art & Animation: Get your creative hat on with a 3D digital art & animation workshop! Create your own 3D character or creature and save your objects for 3D printing online. Then, use our assets to create a 3D animation. Students will design their own character using Photoshop & Wacom tablet & pens.

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Gamers Unite: Game Design with Tinkercad and Unity

Wednesday, 11 July

Transform from game player into game creator with Unity workshop! Students will hone their game development skills using Unity - the premier game development platform used by industry - to create a unique character and build a 2D environment for their very own game. Returning students will continue to further refine their existing game.

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Virtual Reality Experience

Thursday, 12 July

VR Game Design: Dive into Mixed Reality Game Design! Our popular school holiday workshop allows students to bring their emerging tech ideas to life. Students will create a game environment and design their ideal character to be demoed using Windows ACER VR headsets

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