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Careers in IT

As revolutionary to our communications as anything that has happened since the internet came long, apps have become a core part of the way most of us live, deeply embedded in our daily routines.

Assuming you haven’t been living under a rock for the past five years, you will have noticed that apps have changed the way we interact with information, entertainment and each other.

We see what our friends are up to on social media, check the news on dedicated platforms and while away commuting hours playing games against the phone’s AI or opponents from around the world. They have even migrated onto our televisions, further segmenting audiences as we use iView to watch ABC programs in our own time and Foxtel Go to opt in and out of pay TV month to month.

Obviously, someone has to make those wonderful apps, which is why programmers and designers are being snapped up as fast as they can graduate. The core tasks of this career include designing, developing, testing, maintenance and programming code with an eye to user requirements and system specifications – but it helps if you have a great idea and the ability to think creatively as well as technically.

The vast majority of roles in this industry are full-time according to government figures, making up 93.1% share of all employees. The sector has ramped up hiring in the past few years, and is expected to be above average when it comes to job openings. That’s all good news if you have the mind and skills to create apps and turn other, less technical, people’s dreams into coded reality.

Beyond straightforward programming, there are also opportunities take on roles like systems architect, e-commerce developer and even project manager, guiding other IT professionals with deadlines and schedules to keep them on track whilst having more understanding of where they’re coming from that most people in that job.

It’s still an industry in development, with a lot of openness in the future. Apple and Android are battling to set the agenda like a modern-day VHS and Beta, with no clear winner thus far.

It’s entirely possible that a serious third contender will emerge, depending on how technology develops in the next round of innovation, and that’s not even talking about what will happen as wearable tech like Google Glass and Pebble watches become more common over the next 12 months or so.

With such a relatively new field still emerging from the discipline of traditional programming, no-one knows for certain how things will look in five years. But no matter what happens, it’s bound to be an exciting and enthralling field in which to work and experiment. And who knows? You might be the one to have the brilliant idea that shakes everything up and changes the game completely. It has to come from somewhere, right?