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Graduate as a qualified web developer, with the ability to build and maintain your own sites, or build your own games or apps from scratch.

About This Course

The face of the IT world has changed dramatically over the past few years. The rise of smartphones means an unprecedented number of people are accessing information through apps more than any other platform – and more people are playing mobile games than ever. Game Programming, mobile development and information technology are our three IT focuses at AIT. Our mobile app development course is the first of its kind in Australia, with a range of cross-platform subjects that will prepare you to take advantage of the shifting market. You will develop complex software applications across a range of mobile and web platforms, and learn how to test, debug and refine them for the market.

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Student and ATAR Profiles

Connect to the future

I started my professional career as a graphic designer. Although I loved my job, after years working in the industry I was questioning "is this the job for my next 10 years?". I wanted to diversify my skillset and switch career direction into programming.

Chiaki Iwamoto

Full-Time Programmer (Java/BPEL Development), TPG Telecom Limited

AIT Course Studied:
Bachelor of Interactive Media
Bachelor of Information Technology

February 2016

Now employed at:
TPG Telecom Limited

Current position:
Full-Time Programmer (Java/BPEL Development)

Past Employment:
InMobi (Creative Designer / Developer)
Webroot (Web content manager / Developer)


UXUI and front-end development on “AITendance” - 2016 iAwards Winner

AITendance is an automated student marking attendance system using Bluetooth Beacons - which has the potential to change the means of marking attendance in the educational sector in Australia.

Designed & Developed “CountMe” for Android

The CountMe Android app helps the user to record their sugar and caffeine consumption through a cup of coffee. The App is now available on Google Play.

How did AIT help you achieve success?

Their help could be as flexible as a casual programming conversation to business start-up. I was extremely lucky to have some great teachers in the IT course and whatever I needed was always within reach.

Advice for future AIT students

AIT is a small college - so take advantage of the close relationship with teachers. Many continue to work within the field so are up to date with current industry practices.

Year 1
Introduction to IT

Learn the basis of all development with fundamental languages such as html and css

Year 2
Advanced Development techniques and Interface Design

Build upon your knowledge with important libraries and languages in Java development and user interface design

Year 3
Real-world Immersion

Test and Refine and learn about development pipelines as you take your ideas to market

Take a look at the subjects and curriculum for the Bachelor of IT Mobile Apps and the Diploma of IT Games Programming

Careers in IT

What journey lies ahead?

The mobile app economy is booming – so the career opportunities for graduates are extraordinary! From exciting entrepreneurial start-ups to in-house roles in commercial IT, within tech organisations or as a freelance app developer, the opportunities are endless. Love gaming apps? This sector has traditionally dominated app usage and is forecast to see further growth - from $34.8 billion in 2016 to $74.6 billion by 2020. But it doesn’t stop there – other industries are set to grow even faster as consumer expectation for apps across all sectors increases and smartphone usage explodes. From banking, retail and airlines to ridesharing services and government agencies, here’s your chance to secure a slice of the (growing) pie!!

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