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Turn your ideas into reality, and design your way to the future

Want to be part of the dynamic design industry? With a strong focus on responsive design strategies, learn to visually communicate your ideas across multiple digital platforms. From product packaging and brand design to interactive app design, data visualization and title design for film, your design career starts now.

About This Course

From fundamental design theory and core principles to advanced techniques, this in-depth program will teach you how to conceptualise and visually execute ideas across multiple media platforms, including digital media, using best-practice design principles. You’ll gain valuable expertise in pitching creative work to prospective clients - and you’ll have the ability to complement your studies with electives such as gaming, web, film, modelling, graphics or animation.
The Bachelor of Digital Design is an evolution of a traditional graphic design qualification which offers limited career prospects in a world that’s fuelled by the continual emergence of new digital tools and capabilities. Wholly designed for digital output, successful graduates of the Bachelor of Digital Design will be equipped with the fundamental knowledge and expertise to adapt to these changes, giving them a competitive edge for an extraordinary future.

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Connect to the future

For me, studying with AIT was a no-brainer. Working as a pro photographer mainly in advertising, I see firsthand how the world of digital media is constantly evolving. And if one is to survive long term, one has to evolve with it. Learning skills in all aspects of digital design, motion graphics and concept development is a natural progression towards the goal of starting my own advertising agency.

Daniel Sponiar

Entrepreneur, Daniel Sponiar Photography

AIT Course Studied:
Bachelor of Digital Design

Now employed at:
Daniel Sponiar Photography

Current position:

Year 1
Design Thinking and Processes

Learn how to understand, think and apply processes within the Digital Design space.

Year 2
Continue On

Successful completion provides you entry into the Bachelor of Digital Design where you can further refine your skills and select electives that set you apart from others.

Year 3
Real-world Immersion

Begin the transition to a career in Design with advanced design subjects and immersive studio program to help you be you job-ready.

Take a look at the subjects and curriculum for the Bachelor of Digital Design and the Diploma of Digital Design

Careers in Design

What journey lies ahead?

Design encompasses the skills and work that go into determining the “look” of…almost everything you see around you. And nowhere is that talent more important than the virtual world of digital interactive media, where the way a piece of information or entertainment is presented can mean the difference between engagement and being ignored. It isn't simply a technical career, either. Designers frequently liaise with clients, copywriters and other stakeholders, so there’s often a strong interpersonal element in these kinds of roles. Balancing the needs and wants of various stakeholders, while solving problems and producing the most creative and beautiful work – these are the challenges a designer faces.

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