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Craft memorable 3D Digital experiences

3D content is used to tell stories, create characters and portray digital worlds that brings creations to life. Learn how to create content for the exciting industries of VR, VFX and Virtual 3D Worlds!

About This Course

As technology advances, the industry need for a qualified 3D artist grows. 3D content is used to tell stories, create characters and portray digital worlds that otherwise can only be imagined. 3D artists work in film, television, advertising, and video game production. 3D software such as ZBrush, Maya and 3ds Max will be the tools at your disposal. Along the way, you will learn to create content for the exciting growing industries of virtual reality, augmented reality, and visual effects. 3D Design ensures students have a solid grounding in all aspects of 3D including modelling, texturing, animation and rigging. It will introduce students to the 3D pipeline, the use of multiple software and a wide range of skills.

Student Nationality Breakdowns

Student and ATAR Profiles

Connect to the future

I'm a 3D Animator & 3D Modeller with skills in Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Game Design. I love creating digital images, environments, modeling and motion graphics. In that sense I'm more of a generalist rather than a person specialising in one particular field.

Victor Limsilla

3D Artist, Humense

AIT Course Studied:
Bachelor of Interactive Media (Animation, Video Graphics & Special Effects)

Now employed at:

Current position:
3D Artist

How did AIT help you achieve success?

AIT gave me the knowledge and understanding of how to use various digital tools, enabling me to express myself through various digital mediums. I’m grateful to my teachers who were pushing me the hardest, usually in the end I was grateful for the progress and results achieved at their classes.

Advice for future AIT students

Try to determine as early as possible where you want to specialise in the future (Modeling, Animation, VFX, Games etc.). Always stay hungry, be focused and disciplined, there is so much stuff to learn, so many ways to improve, don’t settle. Lastly, always aim high and be demanding to yourself, hard work and long hours most likely will provide the results you will be proud of.

Year 1
Storytelling & Design Principles

Learn how to use storytelling elements such as plot and character to make engaging films and games students will learn the steps.

Year 2
Advanced Production & Animation

Learn how to build 3D Models and refine your artistic style for digital formats

Year 3
Real-world Immersion

Start applying everything you've learnt with real clients.

Take a look at the subjects and curriculum for the Bachelor of Interactive Media: 3D Design and the Diploma of Interactive Design

Meet our teachers

Genuine industry connections to get you where you want to be

The AIT team are a bright and fun bunch of individuals who are passionate about the digital industries. We maintain an open and honest relationship with our students in order to create an enjoyable place to work and study. Our teaching staff are industry professionals with a wealth of knowledge on the latest trends and happenings in their creative fields. Their specialist knowledge is invaluable to students as they progress through their studies. Above all, AIT is committed to giving our students the best possible chance to succeed in their digital careers.

Careers in 3D Animation

What journey lies ahead?

Even if your ultimate dream is to work for a big production company like Disney, there are a multitude of steps along the way that will build your skills and portfolio, as well as putting some money in your pocket and introducing you to some of the most passionate workers in the world. In Australia alone, there are a range of independent companies that produce animations for the local market. Head overseas and you’ll find the number of opportunities to work in a studio increases, especially if you have picked up different techniques – in both 2D and 3D – along your journey so far.

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