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VTAC 101 - Tips and tricks

Written by: AIT Admissions

Monday, 11 September 2017

So you’ve finally created your VTAC account and now it’s crunch time. We know how confusing the process may appear to be so we’ve scoured the VTAC website and brochures to compile a list of tips and tricks to make the process easier for you!

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  1. Register using your personal e-mail

    If you’ve created a VTAC account with your school’s e-mail address, it is strongly recommended that you change it to a personal e-mail address. The last thing you want is your school e-mail address being closed down which results in you missing important messages!

  2. Key points to remember when listing courses

    Minimum number of courses to submit = 1

    Maximum number of courses to submit = 8

    List courses in order of preference, with the course you’d prefer the most to be listed as NUMBER 1.

  3. Register with course codes for ease

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  4. Remember to always check your course code! Some courses have more than one code.

    Here are AIT’s course codes for easy reference.

    Course Code
    Digital Design (Degree) 8140110032
    Digital Design (Diploma) 8140110062
    Information Technology (Game Programming) (Degree) 8140110122
    Information Technology (Mobile Applications Development) (Degree) 8140110022
    Information Technology (Diploma) 8140110132
    Interactive Media - 2D Animation (Degree) 8140110092
    Interactive Media - 3D Design (Degree) 8140110102
    Interactive Media - Film & Video (Degree) 8140110012
    Interactive Media - Game Design (Degree) 8140110112
    Interactive Media (Diploma) 8140110042

  5. Always make sure you read the selection criteria

    Selection criterias are very important when considering the courses that you’d like to study. In order to make informed choices and to know what you have to prepare for, always make sure to check if your course of choice has any pre-requisites! For example, in AIT, there are no prerequisites for our Diploma and Bachelor courses. The ATAR score needed to apply for our courses is 60. However, if you do not meet the ATAR score, you can choose to apply via your portfolio and/or interview instead.

  6. Change of preference

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    The great thing about VTAC application is that you’re able to change your course preferences if you have a change of mind! According to VTAC, there is no cost involved just as long as you pay your course application fee.

    We found some tips on VTAC’s website and thought they’d be really helpful:

    tips Tips of changing your course preferences | Image credit: www.vtac.edu.au

  7. Demo application

    All these information confusing you? Fret not! Visit www.vtac.edu.au/applying/demos.html to try out an application demo! Perfect for getting some practice before crunch time.


Remember to always be organised and have a game plan. Good luck with your application process and all the best!