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Top Five Jobs You Can Land after Studying a 2D Animation Course

Written by: Emma Woodward

Monday, 26 July 2021

The 2D animation industry is alive and well. Rather than being crowded out by 3D animation, the surging global appeal of anime, graphic novels, and other traditional art forms has kept the 2D animation industry thriving.

If you are looking at animation courses, then you may be dreaming of a career at Disney or another major studio. Working on animated films can be a rewarding career path, and production houses in Australia work with partners globally, with the Australian Government continuing to offer tax incentives to grow film, television, and other screen productions in Australia, and exciting new developments emerging all the time, such as Princess Bento Studio - a major new animation house in Melbourne. 

This isn’t the only way to work in 2D animation, however, and there are plenty of other jobs that you will be able to land with your newfound qualifications.  

You could work in many industries. You might animate games for PCs, game consoles, or mobile apps. You might be working on promotional animations for companies, animating music videos, commercials, or educational videos.

According to SEEK, job prospects for animators in Australia continue to rise, and those working in animation gave high ratings for job satisfaction. 

The 2D animation courses at our Melbourne and Sydney campuses focus on getting students job-ready, with the skills and knowledge they will need for the current market. That’s why Academy of Information Technology (AIT) graduates have an impressive 77% employment rate following graduation.

Here is just a quick snapshot of some of the exciting jobs that our 2D courses could lead to.


Jobs You Could Land after Studying One of the 2D Animation Courses at AIT

Character Designer

From a brief, you may be asked to create everything that will be unique to a given character. You will create multiple views of the character, design costumes, and create details including a character’s props, expression sheets, and poses. You will need to have a strong grasp of anatomy, and work with the visual style of the project.

After refining your best ideas, you will submit them for critique and further development.


Character Animator

It’s the job of the character animator to bring characters to life. There are roles for junior animators, assistant animators, technical animators, and rigging animators. If you enjoy solving mechanical problems to do with movement, then you might be drawn to rigging. Or you might work on clean-up, helping to turn everything into a polished final product for a series, film, or game.  


2D FX Artist

If you love special effects, but still want to work in a more traditional animation style, then working as a 2D FX artist could be the job for you. You will use your knowledge of animation techniques, effects timing, and physics to create the 2D visual effects that make any production explode onto the screen.


Storyboard Artist

Working as a storyboard artist is a unique way to use your 2D skills, although you may be working on a storyboard for 3D or live-action productions. It’s your role to start bridging the gap between a script, and how the finished work will appear.


Background Artist

If you love world-building, then a job as a background artist might suit you. You could work on animated movies, TV shows, or video games. Your role could vary depending on the studio you are working for. It might be your job to take the background scenes from the storyboard and refine them to suit the production style. You could be creating landscapes, interiors, or background props.  


If you want to find out more about a career in 2D animation, then you can talk to a course adviser at AIT or attend one of our virtual industry talks or events. We offer Higher Education qualifications through a Bachelor of Interactive Media, while also delivering one of the most specialised and industry-specific 2D courses. While most other Bachelors of Animation would combine 2D and 3D animation (with most courses focusing heavily on 3D) we enable students to practise their storytelling skills and bring their best ideas to life in their chosen format. You can gain an introduction to the principles of 3D animation through electives if you wish, while still remaining free to specialise in 2D. 

Through AIT’s immersive 2D courses, students gain the practical skills that they need to fully explore and express all of their imaginative ideas. You can also gain valuable industry insights and connections. Our educators have industry experience in animation, and we regularly host panel discussions and workshops and even offer student feedback from some of the biggest names in the industry from local success stories to global names, including Animal Logic, Method Studios, and Walt Disney Animation Studios. 


Study a 2D Animation Course in Melbourne

If you choose to study a 2D animation course in Melbourne, then you’ll find yourself in the heart of the city on Spencer Street. You will be close to all of Melbourne’s artistic and cultural events, and a short walk from Southern Cross Station, making this an easy commute for metropolitan and regional students alike. 


Study a 2D Animation Course in Sydney

Located in Ultimo, within the vibrant education precinct, studying a 2D animation course in Sydney gives you access to our industry-leading equipment and great student facilities, just a short walk from Central Station.


If you would like to learn more about studying at AIT, then you can download a course guide, or contact one of our student advisors today.