Moving into a VR World

Sunday, 30 November 2014

In a 2016 research paper released by Deloitte on the future of virtual reality (VR), Deloitte predicted that VR will see its first billion dollar year in 2016. With over $700M in hardware and the remaining in content, the VR industry is not just around the corner, it's arrived. Currently, still in its infancy, we're seeing rapid leaps and bounds in technological and content advancements, most within the gaming industry. As hardware becomes more accessible and cheaper to produce to a high quality, the market share will expand into homes, hospitals, educational institutions, workplaces and more, and AIT is positioning itself at the development of this bright future. AIT hosted the second AR/VR Meetup on Friday 16 September at the Ultimo campus featuring an impressive line-up of the industry’s most recognisable figures in the AR/VR world. The Meetup featured demos of cutting-edge immersive visual effects technology and panel discussions on the latest in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. 250 people are expected to discuss and showcase the ground-breaking technology that is changing the way we view the world! [gallery link='file' size='medium' ids='13829,13831,13830,13835,13837,13838,13832,13828,13827'] AIT welcomed one of the most esteemed VC’s involved in Virtual Reality, Marco DeMiroz from Silicon Valley. Marco was involved in raising capital for Jaunt VR with a $65M raise and Next VR for $30M. He will be curious to see what Australia has to offer and our bet is that he will be pleasantly surprised. Already VR is being used by some industries such as Healthcare to train and assist medical professionals with specialist procedures. The content share of the VR market will rapidly expand into the classroom to assist educators to connect students to abstract ideas and concepts. We can use VR to immerse students into the past to connect with ancient civilisations. Brett Leavy of Virtual Songlines attended the Meetup and showcased Virtual Songlines, a VR package using game-like interface in what Brett describes as ‘arts, culture, language and knowledge based experience’. This is a truly inspiring and technically impressive gamification of Australia as it was before European settlement that can have huge benefits to students in the classroom, connecting them to the abstract concepts in a tangible way. Virtual Songlines - Harbour Journey from Brett Leavy on Vimeo.

Internet veteran Skeeve Stevens took to the stage to give his version of growth in the 360 and VR industries and what consumers and corporates are responding to. Skeeve’s top three take-aways