How to make an impressive Online Portfolio for Creative Thinkers

Monday, 7 April 2014

Why an online Portfolio is so important? Electronic portfolios can be one of your greatest assets during a job hunt. Remember, once a company receives your application, it’s inevitable that, as they begin to decide who to bring in to interview, someone will go to Google and type in your name. A solid online portfolio makes a very good impression and gives you an online visibility and presence, especially when many of the other applicants didn’t even bother putting the time and energy into electronic portfolios of their own. Having an impressive online portfolio before you send a job application actually means that, rather than waiting for employers to Google your name, you can put the link to your online portfolio directly on your résumé. The fact that you took the time to prepare your online career portfolio will make a great impression on the people looking through applications. REMEMBER: Your online portfolio is the showcase of your work, your skills and your potential for your future employers. The more time and effort you dedicate for a usable and nice-looking design, the higher are your chances for getting better account balance in the end of the month. Online portfolio benefits: • Professional way to display your work • Enhances your visibility and Online Presence • Great first impression to employers • Presents you are more than just a resume • Flexibility: you can change Portfolio contents in one click How to make an impressive portfolio online? Creating an impressive and successful portfolio is easier than you think. Focus on simplicity, ease of use, hitting your objectives, professionally managing the project, and you’ll end up with a successful portfolio. First and foremost, it is very important that your portfolio:

  • Looks professional and accurately reflects your skills
  • Is specific and occupationally focused
  • Is easy to update and view
  • Is self-explanatory if need be
  • Supports information presented in your resume
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