Why joining Linkedin is necessary for getting you a job!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

LinkedIn is a free online professional network used by professionals worldwide. With more than 238 million members (as of Jan 2014), including 4 million in Australia, a profile on LinkedIn is like the modern-day equivalent of a business card, resume and portfolio all combined. The platform has grown at a rate of 45% in the last 12 months, with approximately 2 members joining every second! The main use of LinkedIn is for professional networking. The purpose of LinkedIn is to facilitate the online exchange of ideas, information and opportunities in a commercial environment. Over 70% of members are aged 25 years and over, with 44% working for corporations employing over 10,000 employees. There are numerous other benefits to using LinkedIn too, like reconnecting with school or university friends and former business colleagues who may now be working in a related industry elsewhere and may be in a position to impart some quality advice. Within the digital media industry, the people you study with will invariably become your colleagues or even your boss – so start your networking now and you’ll see the benefits in the years to come. LinkedIn can be described quite simply:   It is the place to find and be found. Recruiters will Google you. LinkedIn gives you one Google reference you can control. Social networks aside, unless you’re a blogger, publisher or write web content for a living, you don’t have much control about what ends up there. Recruiters love LinkedIn. 100% of them scan it all the time. Why should you join Linkedin today? Linkedin is a must for your professional future, whether you are a freelance, unemployed, happily employed, an entrepreneur or a consultant.  By not joining, you are letting potential professional opportunities pass you by every day. Social networking is a career insurance that you can never have enough of. The advice is the same whether you are looking for a job or are happily employed: a network should be your insurance for your future career growth. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN LINKEDIN AND FACEBOOK Let’s be clear on this: Facebook is not a professional network. Part of the difference is that in LinkedIn profiles there isn’t anything other than professional information. With Facebook there are more personal information:  friends, pokes, birthdays, parties and other events, and widgets. However, that’s exactly what Facebook was designed. For this reason if you want to keep your personal life separate from their work life, it’s better to separate them online too with a Facebook and Linkedin accounts. 5  GOOD REASONS TO JOIN LINKEDIN NOW! 1) TO MAKE THE FIRST GOOD IMPRESSION ONLINE Linkedin is the source that most interests recruiters and business people and is probably the easiest way to give a good first impression online. But of course, only if your profile is 100 % complete: those profiles with little or no information, no photo, no activity and few connections are of little value. 2) TO HAVE YOUR RESUME ALWAYS UPDATED AND READY Linkedin is extremely useful for storing and sharing your professional experience. Your resume is online wherever and whenever you need it – and it’s easy to keep up-to-date. 3) TO BE CONNECTED WITH YOUR FORMER COLLEGUES AND INCREASE YOUR PROFESSIONAL CONNECTIONS As its primary purpose is to serve as a professional network, no one thinks it’s weird to add a person you worked with ten years ago, even if you haven’t had any contact with them since then. It also enables you to get to know new people in a professional way. By asking to be introduced, you can access more people and companies through your 1st level connections. The more connections you have, the bigger group of people you can reach. 4) TO GET YOURSELF HEADHUNTED The main purpose of Linkedin is to bring you more opportunities: new career possibilities, new clients and new business ideas. After building a complete professional profile, developing and growing your network and becoming an expert in your niche, add a final touch and ask for recommendations. 5) TO SPY ON OTHERS Linkedin is extremely useful for finding information for business purposes such as background information about the prospective company before your interview, work experience of the recruiter you are going to meet, countries in which the decision maker of the potential client company used to live before and hundreds of other details which make your life easier. WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO JOIN AIT ALUMNI GROUP ON LINKEDIN AIT’s alumni group is specifically designed to give our alumni the best networking opportunities, job posting and relevant technology updates. Once you’re a member of ‘AIT Alumni Group’, scan the group’s Discussions, Members and Jobs for networking opportunities. For instance, join a discussion of fellow alums talking about your industry, comment on an article someone has posted or introduce yourself to the Group Manager, Sheila Capodanno (she’s really nice). You can also start your own discussion, perhaps posting an article with a few personal comments or posing a question to group members. Or, you can introduce yourself and your goals. Posting your own discussions and articles shows that you are a ‘thought leader’ within the field and puts you in a strong position when people are seeking advice and opportunities. BENEFITS TO BE A MEMBER OF AIT ALUMNI GROUP

  • Career support and access to international jobs, work experience and internships.
  • Opportunities to network with creative media industry professionals and to stay connected with your old classmates and friends.
  • Professional development events including seminars, master classes and conventions.
  • Links to the international creative media industries.
  • Industry deals, discounts and savings.
  • Recruitment opportunities from a multidisciplinary pool of talented professionals to help you in your projects.
NOW let’s discuss about your career’s opportunities on AIT Linkedin Alumni group!
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