Learn 3DVIA Virtools

Monday, 7 April 2014

Virtools, a behaviour engine and real-time render was introduced into AIT’s curriculum back in 2003 to accelerate the understanding of the elements of complex programming. Virtools is one of the very few commercial tools that offer a complete range of features that enable users to create virtual environments with a simple click-of-a-mouse, without the need for complex coding. A user does not have to be proficient in any specific programming language to be able to give their object behaviour and reaction to human input within its environments. Adding physics to an object such as gravity or elasticity can easily be done on Virtools. Unusual behaviour can be given to objects within a virtual environment thereby, creating an interactive world of one’s own imagination. Some examples of commercial Virtools games are: Mercury Meltdown (available on Sony PSP and Nintendo Wii); Sarkaban Game Studio’s Lazy Raiders (available on Microsoft xBox Live Arcade); and Facebook’s first ever 3D game called Billions, Save Them All. This powerful technology is not simply restricted to creating games. Virtools is widely used in industry as it allows individuals to create rapid prototype through the modern visual scripting. This allows businesses to harvest their capabilities for the efficient development of complex 3D visual models or simulations. Virtools was also used to support the first ever World Expo Online experience that brought unprecedented real-time 3D interactivity and 360-degree immersive walkthrough experience to hundreds of millions of online visitors of the recent World Expo 2010 Shanghai event. AIT remains the sole training provider of 3DVIA Virtools in Australia. www.3dvia.com