Guardians of the Galaxy student review - Pip Francis

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Guardians poster better[/imageframe][/one_third] [two_third last='yes'][separator top='20'][dropcap]G[/dropcap]uardians of the Galaxy is the 10th instalment of Marvel's film universe and many have called it the best so far. It’s hard to disagree as far as the cast goes. Chris Pratt, known for his role as the lovable but stupid Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation, plays Peter Quill, a space pirate who comes into possession of a peculiar orb. Through unforeseen circumstances, a crew unites with Peter as the leader. A feisty, talking raccoon, Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper), a tree like, social restricted “Groot” (voiced by Vin Diesel), a very literal brute, Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista) and a beautiful but deadly, when green (or blue in Avatar) Zoe Saldana make up the rest of the band of misfits in this action packed film. However, as far as Marvel films go, the lack of plot (taking a bad guy down, who wants something you have, which will destroy the earth) is all you can see that is true to the classic  iconic Marvel, and this is not a bad thing![/two_third] The characters are incredibly well written and lovable. When this team combines, you know that chaos is bound to happen. The balance between their talent and unfortunate incompetence makes for some hilarious moments. The characters are not classic superheroes but underdogs, which I feel is quite different to other Marvel films. With a similar feel to the A team, each character gets his or her own hilarious lines and times to shine. James Gunn has written and directed a Marvel film with a refreshing new take on a Stan Lee classic comic. The quality of the acting was pretty top-notch. Chris Pratt lost 60 pounds (30ish kgs) for this part and he pulled it off. No one else could have aced a dorkish bad arse with child hood trauma. I couldn’t even recognise Bradley Cooper’s voice (a nice change from his other films) and Vin Diesel did incredibly well despite his three word vocabulary of “I am Groot”  for the entirety of the film. Even though Groot had the smallest vocabulary of an animated character since “WALL.E”, it was hard not to fall in love with this strange plant like specimen. [one_half last='no']The sound track is all from the 70’s, linking to Peter’s story, as he left earth in the 70’s. The music builds upon the films unique rockstar style. This style continues on with cheeky sense of humour and one liners that each character bust out. I will never forget the first scene, of Peter dancing and lip sinking, as if no one is watching, to “come and get your love”. Immediately you know the kind of humour you’re in for and it’s awesome. This Marvel film is not without heart, it just seems to gloss over it, almost making fun of it. Almost in a spoof style, GOTG is self-aware of its silliness, making the nice moments a good change of pace. [/one_half] [one_half last='yes'][imageframe lightbox='no' style='dropshadow' bordercolor=' bordersize='0px' stylecolor=' align='right' animation_type='0' animation_direction='down' animation_speed='0.1']guardians-of-the-galaxy-rocket[/imageframe][/one_half] The only thing I did struggle with was the beginning of the film. I was hard to get a feel for the universe they were portraying. I felt like we were bombarded with a weird world that with the 70’s music in the background, didn’t really fit into this futuristic universe but as the movie went on, it was easier to understand the uninhibited space cowboy theme and accept the unique locations that came up.

From a film student’s perspective, the CGI was not the best I’ve seen. A lot of the spaceship scenes felt unrealistic and it was a little too easy to see how they accomplished the shots. It was almost as if they took CGI from Star Wars and played off of that. Which, even though Star Wars was ahead of its time, could have been done better.
As far as target audience goes, it ticked all the boxes. It’s the classic Marvel formula, boys will love the action, girls have the romance and although it’s rated M15+ in Australia (PG in America), it is still almost appropriate for kids. Comic fans love it due to the accuracy of the characters and villains portrayed in the comics coming to life on screen. Non- Marvel fans will appreciate the style and humour. Guardians of the galaxy seems to fit most genres; comedy, action, fantasy, romance, and drama. All up, I felt Guardians of the Galaxy was an incredible Marvel film. It connected to the other Marvel films while being the most unique made. The sequel comes out on 28th of July 2017 and I personally can’t wait for more hilarious, action packed quality fun!