Free Digital Day Courses at AIT

Monday, 2 June 2014

The Academy of Information Technology offers free courses in 3D Animation, Film or Game Design to give Year 12s an opportunity to boost their digital skills and explore their creative potential. Sydney, Australia 2nd June 2014 AIT’s free courses have been specially designed to help school leavers make a decision about their future studies in the digital fields. They are fun workshops that give a hands-on experience in what it is like to work in the digital industries. Developed in consultation with industry experts, AIT’s broad range of courses offer the best introduction to the world of digital creatives. Utilising the latest in cutting-edge technology and a staff of professionals still active in the industry, we provide a hands-on, personalised approach to showing you the ropes. With the latest budget reforms to University funding, there will be a greater emphasis placed on private institutions in the higher education sector. There are inherent benefits to studying at private colleges as opposed to a university, especially in the digital fields. Smaller class sizes means a more personalised tertiary education experience that can foster creativity and there is better access to industry standard equipment and software. Most importantly, private education offers a far more practical and specialised learning experience. AIT’s Bachelor of IT (Mobile Applications development) is the perfect example of this, as it one of the only courses in the industry that allows students to build apps for the rapidly expanding mobile IT industry.

The digital creative industries in Australia are consistently growing and with this comes an increased demand for capable and qualified professionals. According to NICTA, the nation’s largest organisation dedicated to ICT research, there is a severe shortage of skilled digital media professionals currently in the industry.  AIT specialises in taking creative and talented individuals and giving them the digital tools they need to carve out a successful career.
AIT is committed to offering each student an outcome-focused education that will see students developing a portfolio, making industry connections and developing a practical knowledge of their chosen discipline. [separator top="20"]