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Don't Get Lost at Uni. Get Found at AIT.

Written by: AIT Admissions

Friday, 24 February 2017

We’ve all felt it before, the nervousness and uncertainty when entering a new environment. Starting your higher education studies is no different - while there is the buzz of excitement, there is also an underlying tension in the air. If you’re naturally shy or an introvert, attending larger Universities may cause you to feel isolated and lonely as it is easy to get lost in the crowd and feel like a single grain of sand in the great expanse of a beach.

Smaller classes and being able to find a productive environment to pursue his passions were main factors for 20-year-old, Dillon Nolan. When Dillon was embarking on his higher education application process last year, immersing himself in small-sized classes with people with similar passions was one his considerations. Dillon aspires to be a 2D animator, focusing on producing Flash cartoons. He draws his inspiration from cartoons, mainly from a web series he watched through his high school years called “Eddsworld”.

Dillon applied to study a Bachelor of Interactive Media (2D Animation) in AIT Melbourne. “AIT was one of the friendliest schools that I approached. The course also seemed very interesting as I would be learning other types of animations as well,” says Dillon.

Dillon recently commenced his studies in January 2017. It didn’t take long for him to fit in and he’s enjoying his journey in becoming a professional animator.

Here are the top ways how we engage students and make sure they graduate with practical skills:

1. Small and interactive classes

With an average class size of 15-20 students, it means that classes are more engaging, and will generally have a more comfortable atmosphere and there will be more team discussions which make it fun and interactive as well - it’s easier to express your opinions and exchange ideas with your classmates.

Dillon was surprised how quickly he grew comfortable in the classroom setting. “The benefits of having a smaller sized class is that I feel the teacher is able to focus on each individual student. Your voice is heard which is a lot harder in a larger class,” Dillon says.

2. Industry ready:

It’s a jungle out there - while you may have all the skills required to pursue your dream job, there are still pathways required to be navigated in order to reach it. Things like having a professional resume and portfolio, being able to self-market and feeling comfortable in interviews are essential in the job hunt. Our activAIT internship program will also allow students to work with industry leading companies and gain real-world experiences.

In addition, when Dillon reaches his final year, he’ll undertake The Forge program. The Forge program at AIT is a final unit for students studying the Bachelor of Interactive Media or Bachelor of Digital Design and aims to prepare students for life outside the classroom. The Forge concludes with a four-week portfolio project where you will be mentored, critiqued and assessed by a real industry panel.

The Forge works hand-in-hand with Launchpad - AIT’s final year subject for all Bachelor of Interactive Media and Bachelor of Digital Design students. The Launchpad programme grooms students to have the right ethics and attitude in the workplace. Portfolio and resume development is also a big part of preparing students to graduate industry-ready.

3. Practical and hands-on assessment:

At AIT, there’s also a huge emphasis on hands-on, practical learning.

“Starting this course I went in thinking it was just going to be like a normal school, where you would just write down a bunch of notes, but instead I was shocked to find out how fun my teachers make each class. As the classes are about animation, we watch a lot of animation videos and do a large amount of drawings. These make classes really enjoyable,” Dillon explains.

4. Individualised feedback

No one gets left behind in a small class. This means that you will always have the opportunity to clarify when in doubt, receive feedback on your projects and get the recognition for your contributions.

5. Student Clubs

AIT campus aims to cultivate and encourage students to actively pursue their interests and that’s why several social clubs have been created. Some of our clubs are:

  • 3D Club
  • Drawing Club
  • Film Club
  • Fight Club
  • Game Dev Club
  • Table Top Club

These clubs not only help build a community of like-minded people but also help to push the boundaries of your imagination, allowing you to gain inspiration for assignments and personal projects!

Even though graduation is a few years away yet, Dillon already has great plans for his future, “After I graduate from AIT, I wish to get an internship for animation in England and also be a freelance animator making my own animations.”

Let us tell you more about what you can achieve at AIT:

We constantly recognise and build our students’ passions. At AIT, we’re all about stretching the boundaries of creative imagination and that’s why we developed the initiAIT scholarship for students commencing in 2017. It’s simple - present your ideas for a virtual zoo and if you’re eligible, be awarded $8,000 off your tuition fees. Read more here.

AIT aims to constantly engage and equip our students to be industry-ready. If you’d like to hear firsthand from current students or speak to course advisors, sign-up for our Info Night session. You will also have the opportunity to have a campus tour and find out more about our accredited courses and how to apply for scholarships.

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