Careers in Game Design

Monday, 7 April 2014

'Australians are a Nation of Gamers' - The Australian Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (iGEA) Gaming is not just a hobby it's a calling. For as long as you can remember, you've loved gaming and now that you're growing up, what could be more natural than making your passion a career? It sounds like it should be just a lifetime of fun, and realistically if you like what you're doing, it is fun, but gaming development is also precision work that requires careful attention to detail.

Game Design Careers Historically

In the old days, you jotted it all down on a note pad and started working on what you thought was going to be the next million selling multi-player hit game. Today gaming requires a vast array of different skills and puts together specialists from all areas who collaborate on games that are played on advanced systems in diverse languages around the globe.

Careers in Game Design Today

Video game design and computer gaming development require that you have at least a rudimentary understanding of a wide range of different skills and disciplines. This is true even if you aren't going to be developing specifically but will be managing the development. The US Bureau of Labour says that more than half of all animators, multimedia experts and videographers are self-employed today. This includes video game and computer game designers. Some work from a home office with larger companies as independent contractors and/or consultants, but most are employed. People who want to work in this field are going to require: • Artistic bent • High level of self-motivation • Solid level of graphic skills • Hands on technical experience • Educational background in technology or computer graphics and design. It stands to reason that if you're interested in a gaming career, exploring your options for education is a good first move. You'll find that you can waive the need to know some aspects of gaming if your skills are strong enough in other areas. For example if you are a strong coder, you may need to know a little less about graphics or if you are a remarkable graphic designer you will get away with less technical or coding skills, but the best option for you is to know a little about all of it. Considering this kind of career means you're going to want to consider ways to get the overall broad based education that you need in order to be effective in what is a very demanding and fast paced environment. The competition for positions in gaming teams is quite fierce. The more you know, the more well-rounded you are in your skillset, the more readily you are going to find work in this environment. For more information on getting the skills that you need to succeed in gaming, contact an AIT student adviser today! We offer a range of game design courses with exciting career opportunities! Game Design Courses at AIT: