AIT Students in the running for national iAwards

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

In August 2016 I was delighted to sit down with Luiz and Daniel to discuss the adventures of a few regular students whose classroom assignment has taken off on a potentially global level. As part of a regular assignment for their Bachelor of IT specializing in Mobile Apps Development degree, a team of four AIT students developed an app - what happened next goes beyond just a great mark for an assignment. Daniel Schofield, Luiz Cavalieri, Chiaki Iwamoto, Amandeep Singh are a team of AIT classmates that under careful mentoring by their teacher Kriss Mahatumartana have merged an innovative idea and amazing business plan to measure student attendance in colleges and universities using iBeacon - their very own AITendance app. [vimeo id="180698711" width="600" height="350" autoplay="no" api_params="" class=""]

Daniel explained: “The original idea came from our teacher Kriss, who mentioned developing an app that would help teachers and students measure classroom attendance. Now AITendance has developed into more than a homework assignment for our creative students. It is a true business proposal that is now seeking investor support to take it further. Daniel and Luiz said “from the original idea we are now looking how AITendance could be applied to festivals, galleries and bars.” Both students agree their competitive edge is not only having a strong understanding of software and coding but also having amazing support from fellow creative AIT students. Chiaki, with her background in digital design, has been instrumental in making the app look finished and professional. “On a tight-knit campus like AIT everyone collaborates with each other.” Luiz and Daniel agree that this has helped assure that their idea is finished to perfection. The team gets to enjoy watching a regular college assignment turn into a potentially profitable business venture! “This app could solve problems that many galleries, schools, bars and events struggle with – how to accurately record how many people are present at a particular time in venues. This week AIT IT teacher Kriss Mahatumartana with his AITattendece team has been invited to Melbourne to the national iAwards Gala Night by AIIA (Australian Information Industry Association). “Fingers crossed” the men say! They are nervous but exited to present their idea on a national level. Luiz mentioned that juggling between studies and running his own business, “The Interactive Hippo”, he has loved the experience and exposure to potential investors and business partners. “To learn together with an amazing group of students at AIT is amazing, but learning from industry professionals, like our teacher Kriss, has been more than amazing – he has helped us with the project from the get-go, giving us valuable tips that have helped us to get this far.” “When I came to AIT I was looking for a career change after completing a marketing degree in Brazil – and I cannot believe that three years later we all are here on our way to Melbourne to the national iAwards!” Both men agree that thanks to amazing teachers and staff, particularly IT teacher Kriss and Internship Liaison Manager Tamara they have both grown immensely and now understand the industry and how to present an idea and project. Daniel has now graduated from AIT and is currently working as a game developer. He is still a frequent guest at AIT. He recalls his early days studying at AIT. He was shy student trying not to be noticed by others but after the first semester being part of a small friendly college he started making industry connections and the practical exams that have enriched his portfolio have helped him become more confident. The hands-on approach to learning has given him priceless knowledge on business management, how to pitch ideas, how to work within a team and collaborate to find solutions. Daniel and Luiz both empathise that success comes with working in teams and trying different things. “You would never know what you are good at if you won’t try.” Fingers cross for our amazing AIT students Daniel, Luiz, Amandeep and Chiaki as well as our teacher Kriss! We look forward to following their adventure. Follow their blog: