AIT Students translating their design skills to commercial success

Monday, 23 June 2014

The Academy of Information Technology specialises in taking talented and creative individuals and giving them tools they need to succeed in the digital creative industries, whatever their chosen specialty. Nikkita Archer is studying a Bachelor of Interactive Media in Animation at AIT. She is using her design talents combined with knowledge of a niche market to set up a business of creating and selling custom pillows. Her current wares include designs from popular show Adventure time, Studio Ghibli movie “My Neighbour Totoro” and even My Little Pony. At the recent Supanova convention in Sydney, Nikita sold over 300 pillows from her stall. “Manufacturing and selling pillows started off as a hobby. I printed my own fabric on commercial websites at high unit costs and made product for my friends and family. I used my mother’s sewing machine until I could afford my own and bought basic supplies like thread, needles and zippers at my local fabric store was making so many pillows; my friends were turning away more because they couldn't even fit in their own beds! I soon realized that people on the internet were interested in what I was making and decided to take my business to Etsy. Within 10 months I had earned enough money for my partner and I to travel to Japan for a month and keep me supported on a daily basis.”[/one_half]  src= Nikkita offers some advice for designers looking to create their own start-ups.

“Trends change and what's in one month may not be a good seller the next. Follow what's trending and try to stay knee deep in the designer and pop culture world. Never forget that a can-do attitude and the right idea can be incredibly successful and lucrative”