AIT showcase at VIVID Festival

Friday, 15 May 2015

AIT is proud to announce its involvement in the world renowned VIVID light festival, with its premiere interactive display of student art, animations and film. A collaboration between students and teachers, Lightwell explores the concept of collective expression and discovery. Participants work together using hand gestures to ‘splash’ and scatter rippling coloured lights over a textured brick wall, revealing hidden designs and animations. Large-scale illustrations and images are illuminated by the scattered light-paint, and when specific sections of the wall are touched by the light, other gems explode into life, in the forms of small animations, short film sequences and vibrantly coloured, animated designs. Further interaction triggers an ambient soundscape – a collection of rhythms and amusing one-liners – to accompany the animations and film sequences.

The combination of colour, light, music, vibrant designs and amusing animations makes for a very entertaining wall that can be enjoyed by both participants and onlookers
Take a sneak peek of some of our progress pictures and video below! Projection-Box-Paintings-WIP (1)IMG_5051 IMG_20150420_115358 Nick painting