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AIT provided a terrific support network for the duration of my course

Peejay Svoboda


Come play at AIT - an inspired community of like-minded creatives, where lifelong friends are made. You’ll have so much fun learning while you forge a career you’ll love.


Master the tools and your craft at AIT. We place a strong emphasis on applied and practical learning to complement theory - so you’re better prepared for the career of your dreams.


We don’t just teach students. We connect with them and we connect them to industry. Internships, Mastertalks, Industry Events and Awards. Come and share who we know.


Advanced equipment and an inspiring learning culture make our learning experience unlike any other. AIT has a wide-range of lecture theatres, computer labs, classrooms, and special purpose venues. Dedicated student libraries and creative makerspace areas give students areas to collaborate and share ideas. AIT has campuses in Sydney and Melbourne as well as a dedicated online learning system for online courses.


Today's digital world is unpredictable and forever changing. We train you to think broadly, to be agile and sharp. We do this by arming students with a diverse skillset to compliment specialist interest areas. This enables students to confidently and successfully tackle a broad spectrum of problems, making them the most highly sought after graduates in the digital and creative industries.

Practical Learning

We have a multi-disciplined and hands-on approach to creative technology education. Our classes and workshops are small, so we can deliver customised tuition based on your level of skill and experience. We pride ourselves on knowing you by name, and take the time to invest in your creative aspirations.

Industry based

We are quick to capture and adapt to the ever evolving industry trends to ensure that our students have a competitive advantage with the latest knowledge and practical skills that are desired in industry. We believe that good internship can be a gateway to a successful career and have programs embedded into our courses such as 'The Forge' and 'Launchpad' to help you get a leg up in your future digital career.