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The Australian film industry is one of our nation’s proudest icons, achieving on the international stage at a rate that far outweighs our size. Add to this the high demand for film professionals in advertising and online media and you will find yourself on track for a varied and exciting career path. Combine a solid theoretical foundation with practical hands-on expertise covering every aspect of the filmmaking process - from script writing, character development, cinematography and directing to editing, documentary production, advertising and producing. Write produce and direct your own original films through independent and team based projects, giving you a solid understanding of how a film set works. We arm you with a collection of films to showcase to future employers.

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I'm a filmmaker and graphic designer working in the fields of cinematography, editing, directing, writing, producing and designing

Peejay Svovada

Cinematographer & Editor, Maxed Out Films

AIT Course Studied:
Bachelor of Interactive Media (Film)

Now employed at:
Maxed Out Films

Current position:
Cinematographer & Editor

How did AIT help you achieve success?

AIT helped me gain a lot of skill and knowledge in the film industry. Through my 2016 AIT Oscars win, I gained a membership to the Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS). AIT has also appointed me as Director & Videographer for a number of projects such as coverage on Game of Thrones, Alien: Covenant, Mad Max: Fury Road and many more. Through AIT, I will also single-handedly produce a documentary in Kenya - following the students and teachers of the University of Notre Dame Sydney.

Year 1
Storytelling & Design Principles

Learn how to use different elements within the programming, gameplay and game art realm.

Year 2
Advanced Production & Animation

Learn how to use storytelling elements such as plot and character to make engaging films and games students will learn the steps.

Year 3
Real-world Immersion

Learn how to use storytelling elements such as plot and character to make engaging films and games students will learn the steps.

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Take a look at the subjects and curriculum for the Bachelor of Interactive Media: Film and the Diploma of Interactive Media

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The AIT team are a bright and fun bunch of individuals who are passionate about the digital industries. We maintain an open and honest relationship with our students in order to create an enjoyable place to work and study. Our teaching staff are industry professionals with a wealth of knowledge on the latest trends and happenings in their creative fields. Their specialist knowledge is invaluable to students as they progress through their studies. Above all, AIT is committed to giving our students the best possible chance to succeed in their digital careers.

Careers in Film

What journey lies ahead?

As our culture becomes more visual, and evolving technology makes it easy to get moving pictures onto every screen from televisions to smartphones, the role of the film maker has never been more important. It isn’t just about making feature films or having a shot at the Tropfest title - these interactive digital media skills are also incredibly uesful in corporate settings, where big companies often source video content for internal communications, how-to and safety inductions, and even coverage. Thanks to our cross-platform educational philosophy, you'll have the ability to take on a range of roles without stress!

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